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Why choose Maad Compressor?

Maad Compressor company is based on three principles of honesty, transparency and accuracy. Based on these three principles, we consider ourselves obliged to provide honest advice, transparency in invoices and maximum accuracy in project implementation.

In addition to all these cases, Maad Compressor is formed by a young team that has many years of experience working with prominent companies. This issue has made us at Maad Compressor to be familiar with the concerns of respected employers and we are taking steps towards their increasing satisfaction.

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We offer guaranteed quality

In order to maintain the satisfaction of our dear customers, the ultimate goal of Maad Compressor is stability and stability in the quality of its products in order to meet the needs of knowledge-based collections and make them free of expensive foreign products.

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Maad Compressor Products

Quality and reasonable price are the credibility of our brand

Oil injected and oil free compressors

In oil-injected or oil-injected compressors, oil is used to cool the compressed air, lubricate the rotors and shell, and prevent back pressure. In the oil screw compressor, the minimum output pressure from the air conditioning unit should be 4 bar, which can circulate the oil inside the air conditioning unit of the air conditioning block […]

Piston compressor

By turning the crankshaft of the reciprocating compressor, the piston starts to move back and forth, and at this time, when the movement of the piston is downward, the air suction valve opens and sucks air into the piston compressor, and at this time The discharge or outlet valve is closed, and in the next […]



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